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Before we had our daughter, my wife and I had enjoyed many years of traveling around to different unique places in Oklahoma. We had such a good time touring the countryside together (as a couple) that we knew when we had kids, we wanted to make sure they got to the same thing.

When we had our daughter in December 2012, we had to wait a while before it was practical to go on little weekend road trips again. Sometime between her first and second birthdays, we started easing her into little trips.

The OK Travel Family Years

So, why did we start It’s pretty simple, really. We have enjoyed traveling around Oklahoma together, and we wanted other Oklahoma families to see how easy and cheap it is to have the same kind of fun.

We don’t often go on big, extravagant vacations (in these first few years of our daughter’s childhood), but we frequently take in and enjoy the beautiful and diverse geography that our state has to offer.